Why blogging helps SEO.

There is Weblogs and there is Search Engine Optimization. One is a great way of talking about things on the internet and the other is something that keeps changing for the better. Let’s talk about how blogging can help improve Search Engine Optimization for businesses.

Creating Content

When you Google something, you’re given a list of the highest ranked websites according to Google SEO. It’s all about content and popularity. Live City has a line in one of their articles that I think best describes SEO ranking; “Think of SEO ranking as a “popularity” contest and the best content wins.” Getting your website on top can be difficult and it can change too. So creating fresh content is essential for boosting Search engine results. This is where blogging comes into play. It is a fantastic way for businesses to build relationships and get new information out there. Instead of having their websites remain static, they are able to connect with their customers through blogging and get fresh unique content out there, which will really benefit the SEO results. This means that hopefully their customers will share it and it will help push up their results in the search rankings. If people are sharing this new fresh content, then the business is gaining popularity. If the business is gaining popularity, then it’s moving up in search rankings which is what helps makes SEO better.

Connecting your Blogs to Social Media

Interestingly enough, if you link your blog with social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, you are not only sharing your blog to a lot more people but you’re also helping your business move up in the search engine rankings. This is a great way to show that blogging does help SEO, because it’s one of the easiest ways to help gain a better ranking on the Google search engine. Using Keywords can be difficult and using them over and over again is not doing any good for your business on the Google search engine. It my help, but instead they should change and should help answer a question more than just include the most popular words for your business. According to Hubspot, companies that include a blog on their social media and websites will get 55% more traffic than the businesses that do not include a blog on their sites.

Get back to Backlinks

What’s the fun in blogging, if you can’t share content with other bloggers. Helping out other businesses will benefit your business and theirs. Getting links back to your website from other business can certainly help with the search engine rankings. Links from reputable sources allows your business to move up the ladder. If the links are to stay true to where they came from, it can be very beneficial. Google SEO loves fresh and new content and by linking back, it what will help you and others to gain better rankings. LeapFroggr did an article on how blogging can be important for SEO, where they said that “Organic traffic converts better than most traffic sources.” This means that organic traffic is important, It’s converting them into leads and is a better way of gaining customers and making sales, which will hopefully make the search engine ranking of a business rise.

Below is a video of why Blogging will benefit a business. “A blog allows a business to put it’s personality on display”

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Top 5 tips for creating great Facebook content

Ahh Facebook, the most popular kid on the block. What would we do without you. It is the most used social networking site in the world and it just keeps growing everyday.  The fact that I just mentioned the word “Facebook” probably makes you want to go on it and check what’s happening right now, but hold on a second, let me give you some tips on how to create great content for your Facebook page. It’ll be worth your while.

1. Include Pictures and Videos in your posts

When you decide to post something on your Facebook page, maybe consider adding a photo or video to it. Videos and Photos are the new universal language. People are more interested in posts that have a photo or a video attacked to it. Visual content is being competitive. If you can create content that is interesting and eye catching, while gaining lots of likes and comments, you know you’ll be doing a good job. The interesting thing is that according to Socialbakers, videos are promoted more than photos, with 17% of photos being promoted compared to 27% of all videos being promoted. However photos are more effective at reaching a larger audience.

2. Engage in conversation

If you post something on your Facebook page, don’t just move on to thinking about what’s next to post, engage with your customers. If they comment on the post, reply back to them, whether it’s answering one of their questions or just acknowledging these peoples opinions on your post. If you include a photo or video in your post, that doesn’t stop you from adding another one in the comments sections. A lot of people are now commenting on Facebook posts by expressing their thoughts through visuals. Get involved in the conversation and you’ll build a better relationship with your customers  but be careful, the comments section can get a bit wild now and then.

3. Be current

Keep up to date with all the things happening in the world. Now i’m not saying sit down and get searching all the news that’s happening out there. But just include information that is relevant to you and your business. Also get involved with the trending topics on social media sites. By being current with your posts and talking about interesting subjects,  it will interest your customers because they too, may be interested in the topic. This way you’re involved in what’s happening around you and you’re involving your customer too.

4. Timing of posts

If you’re posting at 2 o’ clock in the morning, there’s a  high possibility that I am not going to see that post. Unless you’re a nightclub and you’re telling me that  it’s nearly closing time and it’ll be last orders soon. If your business is not that, maybe you should consider posting at a more appropriate time. According to Adweek’s SocialTimes , the best time to post on Facebook is during the weekdays. More so, in the late afternoon when the workday is winding down. They also say that the best actual time to post is during the 2pm to 5pm hours. Now this can vary, because the type of business you have might mean that you have to post at different times. So look at similar Facebook pages and you’ll hopefully gain some information on how to time the publishing of your post correctly.

5. Post Competitions

This can be a great way to get your customers on your page, liking and commenting and sharing with friends. It also helps you promote what you have to offer. Before posting a competition, you have to think about what it’s going to be, it is relevant and what will the prize be. Spiderworking gives a great 8 Step Guide on How to Set Up Facebook Competitions. Posting interesting content on your Facebook page is one thing but posting content that may give someone the chance to win a prize gets a lot of people excited and makes them interact more.

There are loads of other tips that will help you create great Facebook content, but these are just a few. These are some of the ones I think are important and work best for Facebook pages. Below is a video about all there is to know about content marketing, what it is and the benefits of using content marketing.

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The Future of Social Media is Mobile

I think it’s fair to say Social Media is a big part of people’s lives. Now I wouldn’t say it’s as big as family, friends or work but it definitely likes to worm its way in to each of those every now and then. How we view social media sites is another interesting topic. The first thing that comes to my mind is Mobile then followed by PC/Laptop or a Tablet. Mobile phones are definitely a big part of peoples lives. It’s at the point of becoming like a family member or even a best friend which is kind of worrying but somewhat understandable I guess.


However, this is what’s currently happening today. Mobile usage is rapidly catching up to other devices that are being used for searching the internet and using social media etc. Mary Meeker,  a Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers analyst made a prediction back in 2008 saying Mobile was going to overtake fixed internet access by 2014. We can clearly see that this is occurring. Smart Insights made an update on their article detailing the mobile marketing statistics from Jan 2015 and showing how the use of Smartphones is increasing. The video below gives an interesting update on Social Media in 2015 and says that “Mobile and Social aren’t emerging, they are merging.”

The way people market, the way people do business, the way people source information and the way people interact with each other is rapidly changing and becoming easier. Searching the web through Mobile is becoming easier because companies are making their websites more user friendly and the content given on the web is more relevant for Mobile users. According to We Are Social, the global average of Mobile share in web traffic is 33%. Having one third of all web pages served to Mobile phones. Mobile app usage is also increasing. According to the technology research and advisory company Gartner, by the year 2017, mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times, generating revenue of more than $77 billion and making apps one of the most popular computing tools for users across the globe. This shows how the future of app and social media usage will be done through Mobile.

It’s amazing that we can do so much with something so small and the fact that this little device is so useful and important to people. With the ever increasing use of this device, maybe the future of social media will be Mobile. Unless something else pops up in the near future, changing the game altogether.

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My App Idea


I’m not 100% sure about that one. But what I do know, is that when my group and I had the opportunity to enter into the APPrentice competition in college, we went straight into thinking of idea’s for one. Thinking of an app can be difficult. Especially when you have three other people suggesting ideas and everyone may not agree with them. Although, what do they say, Two heads are better than one? Funnily enough, in this case we had four. After discussing various ideas, we eventually agreed on one. It’s called STYLEPRIME.

No, that is not the name of a new Transformers character with incredible fashion sense. That is the name of our app that allows you to find the best hairdressers, near you, with the best prices. We see the STYLEPRIME app as an efficient, pleasant, cost-effective way to book your hairdressing appointments. The app would be free and it would use your phone’s location through GPS to locate the nearest hairdressers with the best reviews. It would also allow you to select the locations you want to search. When using the app, customers can search by filtering what they want. The filters to choose from would include Price, Special Offers, Rating Of Stars and Student Discounts. The user-friendly app allows customers to book hairdressers in two quick clicks and allows hairdressers to gain business with existing customers and potential new customers.

Hairdressers who are registered to the app will also be able to upload videos of tutorials on hairdressing. This will be beneficial to not only the customer, but also the hairdresser, as they can show the different skills they have in hairdressing. Something that’s becoming very popular in today’s society is Vlogging. The amount of people creating YouTube accounts and documenting their everyday life is huge. The amount of people tuning in to watch them is what’s making Vlogging become incredibly popular. From this, video bloggers have found a new way to market themselves to the public. Marketing Magazine had an article about how video bloggers and their video content has influenced this generation. The article gives us “Five marketing lessons from generation YouTube.” These young, creative, energetic people are already marketers in their own right.

The Wall Street Journal did an article last year about how “The Web is Dying; Apps are killing it”. The article outlined how we are now spending more time on apps than we are surfing the web. The mobile analytic business Flurry posted an article last year on the mobile industry from January to March and the results showed us that when we are on our phones, we spend 86% of our time using apps, whereas we spend 14% of our time on the Web. Therefore, creating an app like this means that hairdressers could potentially get more business from an app, rather than a website. Now, maybe my app might not get me my pot of gold, but it has certainly got me more interested in apps and potentially creating an app in the future.

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